Clean Sails - Protected Fabrics - Perfect Results


We apply processes that:

– Don’t use machines – to ensure the preservation of tissues

– Are based on the care of sails and covers, preserving their shape and function

– Aim at the product-application-technical relationship, with surprising results


We use products that:

– Are special for the nautical area,  are environmentally friendly and respecting the sea.

– Are adapted to the different types of fabrics, from Dacron to laminates

– Remove all types of mold, dirt and waste from birds




We are exclusively dedicated to the development of cleaning solutions for sails and nautical covers, based on the combination of products and processes, with outstanding results

Sail Wash has several years of experience dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of sails and nautical fabrics.

We gather the knowledge that comes from active participation in the world of sailing, knowing well the fabrics, the loads, the limitations, the challenges and the needs inherent to the washing.

We know what we can and should do to treat sails and covers, preserving their shape and function without compromising results.

"Fully manual labour, for outstanding results"

The Process

Since 2014, we have developed the perfect combination of products – special for sails and nautical fabrics – and the use of meticulous manual processes to get sails and covers clean from mold, moisture, salt, dirt and algae, having gained the preference of sailmakers and owners

The process is completely manual, to protect the shape, tension and resistance of the fabrics of the sails, providing exceptional results

After inspection, the sails and covers go through a series of steps, between soaking and manual brushing, ending with rinsing and drying.

Sails can also be coated for protection and extra performance

The sails are initially immersed in baths for a long period, with special products to dissolve all dirt. They are then brushed manually. Because fabric washing-softening machines are not used, the integrity of the sails and fabrics is preserved.

The processes have their sequence defined and their duration perfectly controlled.

It is this knowledge and control that allows us to present exceptional results.

The sprayhoods, biminis and covers also go through the process of waterproofing

At the end, the sails and the covers are delivered perfectly clean, dry and folded. Ready to store or use


Although we are able to present top quality results, we are also convinced that the customer should know that a sail with many years of use can bring some difficulties with some stains.

Mold spots, for example, have the characteristic of being kept in the tissues, making it difficult to remove them.

In the case of laminated sails, mold and moisture are trapped between the membranes, making it impossible to remove them completely without the risk of damaging the sail.

Sometimes the level of implantation is such that the level of chemicals required for cleaning was such that it would compromise the integrity of the sails.

5 Steps

We collect, treat and return - no worries!

In 5 steps we can give new life to your sails and covers. check each one below



Bring your sails to the nearest partner, or call them for collection Or ship them directly to us, with our worldwide express courrier provider



Upon arrival, all goods are checked and any damage registered and photographed, and that information sent to customer



The sails and covers are manually washed over a series of cleaning steps and are left to dry completely before packing .



After cleaning, sprayhoods and biminis are coated to be waterproof Sails can also be coated for extra protection and shape regeneration



The goods are now ready to be shipped to our partner, for delivery or sent directely to your address or delivered at your boat


The result of our work leaves no mark

See below real examples of before and after some work


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